With more than 2.9 billion players worldwide, gaming is fast becoming one of the leading entertainment industries. It has already overtaken the sales of the film or music industry.

But the video game industry does not just provide entertainment. Games are also a source of fun and social engagement. Playing video games allows people to collaborate with other players, learn from each other and make friends with other players.

Video games give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in different worlds and environments, acquire cultural knowledge, or develop their skills in logic, math, technology, and much more. Not to mention the development of empathy that comes from living in another person’s skin.

This is why at Games for a Living we love video games

A few months ago our Elemental Raiders project was born and our team doesn’t stop growing. We are only a month away from our open Beta, and so we think it is a good time to talk more in depth about our team.

The founders: pioneers with a passion for gaming

Manel Sort – CEO & CO-Founder

With more than two decades creating successful video games, Manel has released more than 60 titles published on different video game platforms. Known for his career at King and Digital Chocolate, where he started from 0 to build a team of more than 70 people. As vice president and head of the studio, two years later he and his team were making over $1 million/day.

His successful experience, his passion for video games and his belief in the potential of blockchain technology applied to the games industry drove him to set up Games for a Living. To date, the blockchain games that are on the market do not stand out for their playability and originality. Manel intends to create AAA-quality blockchain games capable of reaching out to a wider audience and take blockchain gaming to the masses.

Christian Gascons – COO / Technical Director & CO-Founder

Christian has worked In the video games industry since 2006. A video game developer enthusiast with a comprehensive technical background and a love of old flash games. In 2012 he teamed up with Games for a Living co-founder and Game Designer Marc Tormo to start their own video game company, Frozenshard. The studio launched several games, with the trading card game Word War II as its flagship.

Christian has a reputation for being super organized and diplomatic, which is why he has the perfect profile to be the COO and technical director. He acts as the central axis between departments and excelling at keeping everything ticking along nicely.

Marc Tormo – Game Designer & Co-Founder

Marc joined Blizzard Entertainment in the early days and worked there for over 5 years, where he met Christian. Later, they founded Frozenshard games, where he further honed his impressive game design skills.

Passionate about reading and everything medieval, he found in the Middle Ages his inspiration to create Elemental Raiders. The entire Elemental Raiders universe – the heroes, races, scenarios, lore and everything else in the game – is his brainchild. And what’s best, there’s plenty more where that came from, so we are confident that we have many more brilliant gaming worlds to come at Games for a Living.

Javier Leon – Art Director; Co-Founder

Javier is a CG and animation studio director with decades of experience in video games. His portfolio is full of collaborations with some of the best gaming and entertainment companies in the world.

His superb art directing skills and the high standard of his work shine in some of the outstanding projects he has led. One of the most recent and remarkable are the introductory credits of Netflix blockbuster “The Crown”. Javier oversees the team of 9 artists working on the 3D models, animations and FX in Elemental Raiders video game.

These amazing professionals lead the rest of the Games for a Living team, but there are many more talented individuals involved in our blockchain video game project. We want you to have a chance to meet the real people behind the brand, and this is why we will be introducing you to the different in-house teams and how we work together in this series.

Bringing fun to the blockchain

The thing is, many blockchain games have lost sight of the fact that gaming should be fun. Crypto rewards are awesome, but not if they come at the cost of the gaming experience. Elemental Raiders is here to change that.

If you are an old hand at crypto games, great! You have just discovered your next game, packed with lucrative opportunities. However if you are new to blockchain gaming, you’re in luck:  Elemental Raiders is a perfect first step in the crypto revolution, because it’s designed to make access to the blockchain as easy as possible.

The game is scheduled to be released in Q4 2022, with the closed Beta launching in May 2022. Want to find out more? Join our Discord server and you will get sneak peaks on the product and be the first to know when the Beta goes live.