A turn-based RPG, also known as a traditional turn-based RPG or a turn-based strategy RPG, is a type of role-playing game where players take turns to make their moves in a battle or combat system. The term “turn-based” refers to the way the game is played, where each player, including the computer-controlled enemies, take turns to make their moves, such as attacking or using items.

Turn-Based RPG: Concept

The concept of turn-based RPG games has been around for decades, with some of the earliest examples being the classic games like “Chrono Trigger” and “Dragon Quest”. These games, along with others like the “Final Fantasy” series, have set the standard for turn-based RPG games and continue to be popular among fans of the genre.

One of the defining features of turn-based RPG games is the emphasis on strategy and party management. Players must carefully manage their party’s abilities, equipment, and items in order to defeat enemies and progress through the game. This added layer of strategy and decision-making, makes turn-based RPG games a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Another key feature of turn-based RPG games is the focus on narrative and character development. These games often feature complex stories and memorable characters that players can become invested in, which adds to the immersive experience of the game.

What is MMO?

MMO stands for massively multiplayer online, and it refers to a type of game where players can interact and play with many other players in a virtual world. MMOs are different from traditional turn-based RPGs in that they focus on real-time gameplay and a persistent world, rather than a series of discrete battles.

Main Differences Between Turn-Based RPG, MMO and MMORPG

The main difference between turn-based RPGs and MMOs is the way the game is played. Turn-based RPGs are characterized by turn-based battles and a focus on strategy and party management, while MMOs focus on real-time gameplay and a persistent world where players can interact with each other.

MMORPGs, on the other hand, are a combination of both MMOs and traditional turn-based RPGs. These games feature real-time gameplay, a persistent world, and a focus on character development and party management. In an MMORPG, players can interact with many other players in a virtual world, while also using strategy and party management to progress through the game.

Examples of Turn-Based RPG Games

Here are some examples of turn-based RPG games that fans of the genre may want to check out:

Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin” is a critically acclaimed turn-based RPG that features deep, strategic combat and a rich, open world to explore. Players can create their own characters and form parties with other players to take on challenging quests and battles.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses” is a turn-based strategy RPG that puts players in the role of a professor at a school for soldiers. Players must train and lead their students in battles, making strategic decisions that will affect the outcome of the game.

Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders” is a turn-based RPG that features a unique battle system where players create a deck of strategic skills, and unleash elemental abilities to defeat their opponents. Elemental Raiders is a fast-paced hero battler that combines features from collectible card games and multiplayer RPGs.

Final Fantasy Series

The Final Fantasy games series is a long-running and critically acclaimed turn-based RPG series. These games feature complex stories, memorable characters, and deep turn-based combat. Some of the most popular entries in the series include “Final Fantasy VII”, “Final Fantasy X” and “Final Fantasy XV”.

In conclusion, turn-based RPG games offer a unique gaming experience, where players can take their time to think and strategize their moves, allowing for a more immersive and engaging gameplay. These games also offer a variety of different battle systems, characters, and worlds to explore.