Learn all about the upcoming play to earn NFT games of 2023. NFT games are taking over the gaming world. The rising evolution of the internet and new technologies has attracted millions of new players over the past decade. Alongside, this evolution has given heat and a great impetus for the development of new games.

Nevertheless, if we take a closer look, the games that are in the radar of players the most are NFT games. Switching what has been the norm for so many years (centralized games) to leveraging a new age with play-to-earn games (P2E games).

Do you want to be part of this new era? Find out the list of the TOP upcoming play-to-earn NFT games of 2023 below.

Why are NFT games so popular?

The features of NFT games also known as P2E are like none-other. These are decentralized games that allow players to take control and ownership over in-game digital assets like weapons, tools, powers, etc. The value of these in-game assets can be increased while gamers actively play the game. They can also be tokenized or even sold as NFTs in the blockchain market.

Meanwhile, game developers and entrepreneurs have a unique and interactive space to launch their own NFT games and assets. In a market where there is an increasing number of players interested in blockchain technology, it is a great opportunity for investment and game development.

Therefore, a NFT game could be seen as a business model that generates value for both players and game developers. This dynamic has allowed the play-to-earn gaming model to have a huge success, gradually increasing over the years.

TOP upcoming NFT games play to earn for this year

Each NFT game has its own features and experience. There are a variety of games including PvP battles, crafting experiences, card collection, etc. There are different genres and styles, allowing a blockchain gaming experience fit for every personal preference. It’s up to players and developers to decide which type of game they would be interested to be part of.

To make it easier to choose, here is a list of the top NFT games of the market for 2023. So you can have them in your own radar!

Axie Infinity

This is a crypto game with around 2.8 million active players every day. Players start out by buying three Axies which are the virtual pets of the game. Once they have them, players will have to create generations of these digital creatures to imprint their genetics and pass down their characteristics and strengths.

The main objective is to create a rare breed of Axie so players can trade them on the Ethereum blockchain for a unique price. According to the website of the game, the most expensive Axie to be sold was worth $820,000.

Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders is a free-to-play turn-based hero battle and a collective card game. It takes place in the incredible digital world of Runaria, where Evil Gods and Titans are destroying anyone who is after Elemental Crystals. To protect the people, heroes from Fire, Water and Nature are ready to combat them.

It consists of assembling a team of heroes and creating the best deck of skills These cards are used to combat against monsters in a PvE scenario or other players in the PvP Arena. Token rewards are given to those who defeat their opponents, which can be traded in the marketplace.

Gods Unchained

This is a trading card NFT game where players have the opportunity to trade, buy and sell their NFT cards. Players start out with 140 free cards, each one of them with unique powers based on the god, rarity, set, mana cost, and tribe. Also, they can be used to draw additional cards, health others, summon creatures etc.

Gods Unchained players need to collect the cards by buying them from other players or by winning PVP tournaments. After every PVP match win, the player can receive a new pack of cards. The objective of this card game is to build card decks that are unique, use them to outsmart their opponents and keep moving to the next level.

Diamond Dreams

This is a blockchain-based game for travellers and crafting lovers. It consists of traveling around the world to find rare gems. These exquisite gems can be found in exotic locations.

Once players have a collection of unique gems, they can go to glamorous destinations to find inspiration and design unique NFT jewels with these gems. These jewels can then be collected and traded in the marketplace.

The objective of Diamond Dreams is to create the most luxurious and creative jewel, and earn money by selling them.

The Sandbox

This is the NFT game version of Minecraft. It is a community game platform where players can create their own voxel assets and upload them in the NFT marketplace.

These assets are NFTs that can be integrated into the games that other players create on the platform. Creators and players monetize by creating and trading the assets they design. Also, they can monetize by playing games within the platforms.

The fungible tokens of this platform are called SAND, which can be used for buying in-game assets. Players also have LAND, which is a digital real state of the game as well as ASSETS to build on these LANDS, unique experiences. This includes, building digital houses, hosting games, developing multiplayer experiences, etc.


Illuvium consists of seven incredible alien landscapes where players can explore and collect unique creatures. These creatures, called llluvials, have unique characteristics and abilities. The objective is to improve their value by training these creatures. Then, they can be sold in the marketplace, along with other farmed materials or other NFT items.

The tokens of Illuvium are called ILV. They can be earned by participating in tournaments in the Leviathan Arena, unlocking special achievements and completing PVE quests.

The Walking Dead: Empires

As the name indicates, this is a NFT game inspired by the AMC TV series The Walking Dead. In this game, players need to team up with others to survive the zombie apocalypse. In this gaming world, players can fight walkers, compete with rivals, create their own community or pledge alliance with other people or communities.

They can earn rewards by building a strong base that will attract walkers, rivals and other survivors. Major the activity on the territory – whether is by selling, buying, killing or fighting – major the reward.


Sorare is a NFT game that features the best 30 world players of the NBA, 30 Major League Baseball teams and 300 football clubs. It consists of playing, collecting, winning and trading cards collected on the game in the marketplace. In Sorare, developers often organize tournaments to engage players to show their abilities.
For instance, in November 2022 it was launched Sorare: Global Cup ‘22. This is a tournament where players had to train, manage and choose their own squads. Then, they competed in different matches to increase their scores in the leaderboards.

Overall, there are incredible P2E games on this list for 2023. This gaming ecosystem is generating a real world utility and they are disrupting traditional paradigms. An alternative gaming experience, a new legitimate way of income and a profit opportunity for developers and investors.